15 Awesome Geek-Themed Wedding Rings

When traditional romantic staples like flowers, chocolates, smooth jazz and diamond rings won’t do, certain segments of the population know exactly where to turn. People who could perhaps be described as having somewhat geeky tendencies have been creating jewelry inspired by video games, comic books, movies and TV shows for a while now. As pop culture and fashion continue to celebrate the geek, could classic rings be on their way out, with something a little different soon to take their place? Here’s a look at 15 awesomely geeky wedding rings.

15. R2-D2

You don’t need to go to a galaxy far, far away to pick up this Star Wars-inspired piece of jewelry. Created by Paul Bierker of Pittsburgh-based Paul Michael Design, these handcrafted R2-D2 wedding bands are available in palladium, platinum or white gold and can be customized for brides and grooms alike. These babies might not be affordable on a droid’s salary – they’re priced between $1,550 and $3,700 on CustomMade.com – but whoever wears one will feel out of this world. One ring purchaser raved, “I proposed on August 31, 2013… and I have never seen her happier, in part because R2-D2 is her all-time favorite character.”

14. The Legend of Zelda

Toronto-based goldsmith Zsolt Székely is capitalizing on Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda series with these rings – which may one day become as legendary as the iconic game on which they’re based. They are made of yellow and white ten-karat gold, feature a Triforce emblem, and are engraved with the classic line, “It’s dangerous to go alone,” a sentiment that old-school gamers should find positively romantic. Székely says that recreating these rings could cost up to $1,150, but that’s a minuscule price to pay when you consider what it’s worth for fans of the game to be linked to Link until death do them part.


13. Xbox controller

For between $700 and $1,000, gamers can show support for their favorite gaming system by purchasing this stunning wedding ring. The eye-catching silver band features four Xbox controllers, which are each studded with emerald, sapphire and ruby. There might not be a better way for gamers to hit the “Start” button on love than by getting in touch with Minneapolis-based jewelry designer Brittany Foster and ordering one of these babies. After all, if your loved one adores Xbox as much as you do, they have to be worth hanging onto – even if PlayStation fans may be less impressed.


12. Batman

Takayas Mizuno’s piece of Batman bling pays homage to the Caped Crusader in the shape of a wedding ring made from 14-karat white gold, complete with black bats and diamond ornamentation. It was custom made by the Los Angeles-based jewelry designer and, at $2,500 to $3,500, is probably closer to being in Bruce Wayne’s price range than Robin’s. People who have purchased the ring are raving about Mizuno’s handiwork so much that it seems improbable that his identity will remain secret for very long.

11. Angry Birds

When Angry Birds reached one billion downloads, the game’s creators wanted to thank their fans by giving them a chance to win the “exclusive Mighty Eagle ring” through tweeting a message with the hashtag #oneofthebillion. It took less than an hour for the topic to begin trending on Twitter in May 2012. The sterling silver ring is now available to buy from angrybirds.primesmith.com at a cost of $290. But who won the original contest? Apparently @_TheBrainiac_ was victorious, although there’s no word on what their Angry Birds high score is.



Californian jewelry designer Austin Moore offers fans of Doctor Who the chance to wear their hearts on, well, their fingers with this TARDIS-inspired ring. The wedding band, which has a retail price of $190 to $400, can be crafted out of copper, sterling silver, brass, palladium, gold or platinum – so there’s something for every budget. Customers have raved about the ring’s craftsmanship and have dubbed Moore “a genius.” Meanwhile, fans of the show may wish they could also travel back in time to ensure that they get the ring sooner.

9. Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the Rings wedding ring, officially created by lotrjewelry.com, is currently available for around $657. The One Ring can be cast in 9- or 18-karat white gold or 9- or 18-karat yellow gold and features the inscription “One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them” written in the Elvish language. And as if fans of the series wouldn’t be happy enough just to wear Frodo’s favorite accessory, the band also comes complete with a license card and is presented in an official The Lord of the Rings pouch.


8. Super Mario Bros.

Fans of Nintendo’s iconic Super Mario Bros. characters can show the princess – or plucky, mustachioed hero – in their life how much they care with a wedding ring engraved with question mark blocks straight out of the original game. This handmade, sterling silver ring is designed by Austin Moore, and it won’t cost that many gold coins at around $160. It’s available in a large range of sizes, so why not buy matching rings for a bond that even Bowser couldn’t break? Perhaps you could also pick the Super Mario Bros. theme song for when she walks down the aisle. That’d make a real geek-tastic entrance.

7. Star Wars

The his and hers Star Wars ring set shown here costs $650 for the pair and is the brainchild of Oregon-based Swank Metalsmithing. They are crafted in sterling silver and made to order but are also available in palladium, various types of gold or platinum – and stones can be added for a bit of extra sparkle. The rings will have fans of the legendary movies feeling like the force is with them at all times; the force of love, that is. The rings can be outfitted with emblems signifying the Rebel Alliance, Death Star, Imperial Cog, Jedi, New Jedi Order and more. Reactions from star-struck customers range from “Whoa, this will make so many people jealous” and “sweet custom-designed work!” to the apropos “Love, LOVE!!”


space invaders
Image: Tjep


6. Space Invaders

Thanks to Amsterdam-based design studio Tjep, fans of Space Invaders can display their love for the game (and their significant other) with a custom-fit ring priced at around $300. There are four alien varieties to choose from (Hoshi is pictured), and each piece of jewelry is high-precision computer engineered before it’s traditionally cast so that it will, in the words of its makers, “fit your hand, or the hand of the one you love, perfectly.” Although gamers might think that giving their beloved a handful of quarters to hit the arcade with is a surefire way to their heart, this silver ring could be a far superior option in winning their affections.

5. Game of Thrones

Fans of Game of Thrones have the chance to lock their partner up into a long-term partnership before winter gets here with these handmade, aluminum rings from San Diego-based Spiffing Jewelry. Whether you’re a Dothraki warlord or a mother of dragons, these rings – which are imprinted with Khal and Khaleesi symbols using a steel stamp and a hammer – are affordable on almost any budget at a cost of about $17 for the pair. The lettering is available in a variety of fonts, so buyers can also select their favorite. Note: wearers of the Khaleesi version of this ring are not necessarily able to control dragons or walk into fire without being hurt.


4. Green Lantern

If you’re a fan of DC Comics and your loved one helps you unleash your inner superhero, then pick this Green Lantern ring for your wedding day. This handsome piece of jewelry is handcrafted by a designer named M.J.G. and is a steal at just $90 from their eBay shop. It is made of sterling silver and features a 0.3-inch green cubic zirconia. Wearers of this ring will walk around feeling as if they scored a mint-condition copy of Green Lantern #1 at their local comic book store.

3. Pac-Man

This Pac-Man-themed wedding band is made of polished sterling silver, retails for around $75, and can be purchased with a few quick mouse-clicks via Etsy.com. Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man are adored by gamers who are passionate about quick-moving yellow blobs with a penchant for scarfing down pieces of fruit and devouring ghosts, and their main characters make up arguably one of the most enduring couples in gaming history. By wearing these rings, arcade lovers now have the chance to pattern their own relationships after that unbreakable bond between Ms. Pac-Man and her beloved Mr. P.


2. Star Trek

Your marriage will live long and prosper with this Star Trek-inspired rhodium-plated sterling silver wedding band, created by Valerie Lazutina from VaLaJewellery in Toronto. Engraved with the Starfleet logo and made to order, this piece retails for approximately $636 and is alternately available in white or yellow gold.

The designer also makes a matching ladies’ engagement ring, complete with a sparkly white sapphire, which will set you back $500. Apparently, the ladies’ ring is based on an initial custom order for a client who had something very specific in mind. “He wanted to propose… at the Sci-fi Convention in Colorado in front of Jonathan Frakes [Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Commander William T. Riker],” Lazutina told The Huffington Post. Now that’s almost as romantic as when Spock wooed that Romulan Commander.

1. Zelda Triforce

These Triforce-inspired rings – another specialty of Paul Bierker from Paul Michael Design – offer a different take on The Legend of Zelda-influenced jewelry. The unique, custom-made rings go from $500 all the way up to $15,000. That may seem like a hefty price to pay for a ring that only a small segment of the population will appreciate, but think about how great it will be to have his-and-hers wedding rings that reflect your joint love of gaming. Nothing says “I love you” like a gift that was inspired by a video game character, right?